The Infant Mortality Report

The Infant Mortality Report was created in partnership with Franciscan Health. The goal is to empower those working to improve the lives of infants and children. We hope to empower others by providing access to easy-to-use data. This report can help to

  • Target valuable resources
  • Persuade funders and policy-makers
  • Write and submit grants



We have gathered many more indicators than this. To learn what data is included, read our sample story or run a report for yourself!

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Additional Report Tools

Does your organization address more than just maternal and infant health? BroadStreet also has report tools that address food access, adverse childhood experiences, and experiences of community poverty. Different elements of these reports can even be combined to build a custom data story for your organization’s needs.


Do the families in your community have access to food? Find out with our Food Access Report Tool.


Do the children in your community need additional support? Find out with our Adverse Childhood Experiences Report Tool.


Are some neighborhoods in your community struggling? Find out with our Area Deprivation Index Report Tool.

Want to learn more before trying it?

We totally understand. Here a few links to help you get started.