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About Sponsorships

Give the gift of data! Sponsorships are a great way to expand your impact within your community. BroadStreet allows you to prepay for the BroadStreet memberships of your collaborators, colleagues, and key stakeholders. See the videos below to learn more.

How to Become a Sponsor

Want to sponsor the BroadStreet Membership of others? Simply purchase a set of pre-paid memberships on the BroadStreet Accounts page, and then share your Sponsor Code with others!

How to Redeem a Sponsor Code

Has someone shared a Sponsor Code with you? Lucky you! Here is how to redeem your Sponsor Code in order to activate your BroadStreet Membership.

Discounted Memberships

Don’t have a Sponsor and want to learn more about discounted memberships? We got you! It is possible to apply for Promo Code, which is like a coupon for reducing the price of your membership. Also, we have a referral program so if you refer others, or invite collaborators, we give you discounts as a thank you!

Radically Transparent Pricing

How will your $30 be spent?

$15 will be reinvested into software infrastructure and developers. Our priority is to make good software!

$9 will go to support The COVID-19 Data Project. Yes, this is a big investment right now. We feel like it’s the right thing to do.

$6 goes to engagement, outreach, and support of our members. This includes organizing coalitions and consortiums, answering questions, writing help articles, and making video tutorials.

What we spend money on: Our vow is to keep BroadStreet affordable for everyone. That is why we do not spend money on big fancy office space. We all work from home (which is helpful in the time of COVID). We want our employees to have a fair and livable wage. Our executives do not get paid until that happens. We spend our time trying to build value for our members and our hope is that if our members find our software useful, they will share it with others. 

Spend resources on

Improving health

Not on making reports