BroadStreet in a Nutshell (2:40 min)

What is BroadStreet? See how thousands of organizations have BroadStreet  to run reports and write grants. This video has an overview of our Map Room, health indicators, and customization.

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Important tips for getting started (1 min)

Before you get started, check out this video to make your experience easier. Our entire website is built on cards. Cards can be saved to favorites or stories (a.k.a. collections). Running a report creates a collection of data cards. Data cards have an area tag which will provide data from the specified area. You can completely customize your report.

How to set up a class project (2 min)

Many BroadStreet members use our platform for educational purposes. This video discusses how to set up a class project using a story of cards.  You can create multiple sections in your report. You can invite collaborators to edit and publish your story.

How to compare areas (2:30 min)

In this video we explore how to compare data for multiple areas. This can be helpful when writing grants, creating a benchmark for your area, targeting resources, or further understanding the health indicators in your community.

Workshop: How to create 10 CHNAs in 10 minutes (16:30 min) 

Are you interested in creating multiple Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) for multiple areas? Check out this workshop on creating 10 CHNAs in 10 minutes.

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